Don’t waste your money on Sunscreen 10 Sunscreen mistakes

10 Sunscreen mistakes Don’t waste your money on Sunscreen if you don't know this.

 Don’t waste your money on Sunscreen 10 Sunscreen mistakes

Say you are using Sunsscrean but still you are getting tanned, sunspots, blemishes. So why is this happening even after using Sunscreen? Are you making some mistakes while using your Sunscreen! Let us try and find out.

Sunscreen mistake number 1. We mostly think that we only need to apply sunscreen if we are going outdoors. This is very wrong actually, this is been seen that ultraviolet rays can easily penetrate your office and home windows and also your car glass protective shield. So even if you are indoors in the daytime, you are at least supposed to wear a low SPF sunscreen unless your environment is totally sunlight free.
Even in the cloudy weather UV-rays easily penetrate the clouds and inter in to out atmosphere. So you see Sunscreen is a must in all the seasons.
Sunscreen mistake number 2. Even I am guilty of this. Most of us think applying sunscreen once before going out is good enough. Unfortunately, this is not the case if you stay outdoor for a longer time. You see sunscreen is a chemical substance that degrades over time. Maximum sunscreen lasts not more than 3 to 4 hours. So depending on your sunscreen you need to reapply I every 3 to 4 hours otherwise you will still get sun damage.
Sunscreen mistake number 3. There is a general belief, that if you use umbrella full sleeve clothes or you wrap your face with fine clothes you don't need to use sunscreen. This is not completely true. Yes, all this will give you some range of sun protection but it will not be the optimum sun protection. UV rays still can penetrate find clothes and damage your skin. So if you want the best results, always use sunscreen even if you are using a scarf, hat or umbrella.
Sunscreen mistake number 4. There is a popular belief that is completely wrong that is the more SPF the more the sun protection is. But this is not the case. SPS only gives you time indication for the sunscreen. After 10 minutes of sun exposure you start getting sunburn effects, so SPF 30 mins 30 times more sun protection than normal. That means with SPF 30 sunscreen you will get around 5 hours of protection. So you should think before buying sunscreen with more SPF with double the price.
Sunscreen mistake number 5. Not using sunscreen on a regular basis. As Sun damage takes a long time to repair we should avoid Sun damage at any cost. Make the sunscreen daily part of your skincare routine.
Sunscreen mistake number 6. Using sunscreen only for the face. We should not neglect any exposed area like the neck, hands if our objective is to prevent skin cancer from sun damage. Also, an uneven skin tone doesn’t look very good on anyone.
Sunscreen mistake number 7. Not buying broad-spectrum sunscreen. When we think about sunscreen only think about SPF number. But that is SPF number only reflects the time duration that it can protect from Sunburn from UV -B rays. But we should always to screen which is having UV-A And UV-B protection. So always look for PA++ or PA+++ on your sunscreen label Which indicates that it will protect you from both the sun rays.
Sunscreen mistake number 8. Replacing cosmetic products containing sunscreen with actual sunscreen. Your regular moisturizer or makeup or any other cosmetic products which are having sunscreen in it Can only provide a little bit extra layer of protection. But this will never can replace your actual sunscreen.
Sunscreen mistake number 9. Using very less amount of sunscreen. We tend to think that sunscreen is also something like other cosmetic products, where you have to apply just a pea size on your face. But the fact is one centimeter of your skin needs 2 milligrams of sunscreen. Sofa the face and other areas you need almost as much as it looks like a 1 rupee coin.
Sunscreen mistake number 10. Not using waterproof sunblock in a humid climate where we sweat a lot. And also so when we go for open-air swimming pools or beach site.

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Friends stop making these small mistakes. Because if you do not take care of these mistakes you are actually wasting your hard-earned money.

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