5 Indian foods that you have to have in your diet

5 Indian foods that you have to have in your diet. 

(Which you probably never know is so nutritious)

These days due to high marketing strategies and commercials we tend to forget the super benefits of local produce. We often buy fruits and vegetables which are produce far far away. Which are filled with pesticides and preservatives to keep them fresh. So it is very important to remind ourselves of the benefits we can have of our own different local produce.

Recent hype in the market regarding this food for weight loss. But in Indian cooking, this product is been used for such a long time. It is one of the most effective blood purifiers then what you have in the commercial blood purifier in the market. Very high source of vitamin-D.
From its roots, to the leaves every part of this tree has something or the other medicinal quality.
Recently moringa powder is also heavily marketed by the fitness industry. Which is nothing but sun-dried moringa leaves crushed into powder. Do you even know that moringa leaves have three times more iron than spinach!

Green gram (green moong dal).
Enriched with iron, potassium, protein, fiber, vitamin b6. It has a cooling effect on the body and it's easy to digest.
A variety of dishes are made out of moong dal like soup, halva, pakora, laddu, and even savory snacks.
According to ayurvedic scriptures boiled moong dal water is very purifying and cleansing for the intestine and body tissues. Helps to cure eyesight problem and related issues.
Moong dal sprouts are very popular among fitness enthusiasts for the nutrient-dense nature. It is very good to use in the salad.

Enriched with nutrients that boost immunity, fertility, and helps in anti-aging.
Dense in nutritional value Jackfruit helps you put on some healthy mass. Jackfruit curry often considered as vegetarian meat and also prepare in almost with the same process and with same spices. Due to its texture, it is also used in vegetable biryani to replicate the look and feel of the meat.

Riped jackfruit is quite sweeter in taste. But it has a very distinct smell to it which some people don't like. However, considering the fact that it has loads of antioxidants and cancer-preventing properties. It is a highly recommended food.
We Indians do consume even the seeds of the jackfruits in different forms like using them in the curry or roasting them like peanuts. Extremely rich in iron helps rejuvenate the skin and hair. Natural anti-depression properties are also found in these seeds.
Even the jackfruit leaves are very beneficial. The phytonutrients present in the leaves help enhance the flavor of the food. Many times you will see, foods are been prepared steamed or shallow fry covering the jackfruit leaves.

Rich with anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants, vitamin C helps in digestion, boost immunity, preventing kidney stones.

Having lemon in your fruit and vegetable basket is a must according to Ayurveda. Not only because of its cooking uses but also the essential oil present in lemon Peele help to repel the insects.
After washing it thoroughly you can even use the lemon pill in your lemon tea as it contains a higher amount of vitamin C than the lemon juice.
Lemon juice in warm water with honey and ginger juice is very well known for its fast cutting properties. Lemon juice directly or applying after mixing with any oil is a very effective and natural remedy for dandruff. Lemon peel and lemon leaves are used in many cooking styles in India and even abroad.

I mean do you even need any other reason than how it tastes to give it a hundred out of hundred.
Jokes apart, mango leaves control blood sugar. Mango seeds can help in sunburn areas. Mango gum can heel crack feet. Rich in dietary fiber antioxidant minerals mangoes is essential for summer. “Aam Panna” a wholesome drink made out of raw mango is very useful battling the excessive heat in the summertime. Dried mango powder not only e used for cooking but also has a medicinal property which helps indigestion.

I hope this writing will encourage you to go buy and invest in our fruits and vegetables more.

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