Green tea amazing benefits that you have to know

Green tea amazing benefits that you have to know.

Why we must drink green tea? What are the benefits of green tea? The science behind green tea.

Green tea amazing benefits that you have to know.

It is universally accepted by science that tea has a lot of health benefits. But what makes green tea so good for you? We are going to do the dissection of green tea and will find out why there is so much hype regarding this product. What is so special about green tea!

Loaded with healthy nutrients, bioactive Polyphenols are awesome for our health. An element found in green tea known as Flavonoids or Catechins is antioxidants.

OK, what is so special about antioxidants?
It prevents free radical damage to your body. And free radical damage to your body over time causes cancer. It's already has been proven that those who drink green tea have lower rates of cancer. And it is been theorized that it has something to do with the huge amount of antioxidants found within green tea. Drinking green tea is fantastic, but I don’t think that it will cure and prevent all types of cancer.

Now let me make it simple for you.
Say you have a beautiful iron sword. And someday you see some rust on that. Now if you take proper care of it remove the rust and quote the sword with some oil just to take more care, it will stay as it is. Otherwise, if you do not do anything about the rust, after 5-10 years you will see that the rust has eaten up the sword.

The rust is a direct result of the free radical damage we always talk about.
Now antioxidants prevent that rust from forming so think of antioxidants as the rust prevention within our own bodies.

The biggest hype around green tea is it may increase your lifespan. There's been a ton of research done on this. Some studies even have 40,000 participants that show those who drink 3-5 cups of tea a day have an increase in life span, have a decreased many cause mortality. Have decreases in heart disease, decreases in strokes.
But just because those who drink green tea live longer, it doesn't mean green tea is the sole thing that's responsible for that effect. So yes, enjoy your green tea, but don't think your gonna an immortal

It’s been shown that Catechins, present in green tea, decreasing the risk of you developing Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. Science isn't clear on why this occurs but scientists think that it has something to do with the decrease in the development of plaque within the brain. If that doesn't encourage you to take a sip I don't know what will.

 As it has about 30-50 milligrams of caffeine. Which is roughly half a cup of coffee. Green tea will help you to focused, stimulated, but you don't have that jittery feeling that you get with a big cup of coffee. Now L-Theanine is another nutrient in green tea that works with caffeine to boost your brain. Its benefit is that it gives your brain the relaxation without the added sedation or drowsiness that we generally see from other substance.

One small benefit is if you happen to have foul breath. Maybe you should try some green tea. The nutrients within green tea that we just mentioned on this last point known as Catechins, do a great job of inhibiting and killing certain types of bacteria.
In fact, studies were done and proved that bacteria known to cause bad breath within your mouth was killed by drinking green tea. Also when you have less of that specific bacteria you have less plaque. So green tea also decreases the risk of developing a cavity.

While we've seen in different studies that it increases your good cholesterol and lowers your bad cholesterol. And also green tea lowers your blood pressure which is been proven from different lab results. And keeping blood pressure under control is so crucial to everyone.

Green tea can help you burn fat which is highly advertised. Well, it's more subjective, to be honest. This is more of an individual case by case basis thing because not all studies agree on this. But there is a promise of increased metabolism, and fat oxidation, essentially which is fat burning. And as some studies have shown a decrease in the forming of new blood vessel formation within the fat storage which literally takes away the vital nutrition for your fat, and makes it die.

So the summary is

  1. Incorporating green tea with a healthy lifestyle can increase your lifespan.
  2. I will help you burn more fat.
  3. Lower down the risk of cancer.
  4. It helps to control blood pressure.
  5. Increase good cholesterol and demolished bad cholesterol.
  6. Antioxidants improve metabolism.
  7. It can boost up your energy level without any buzz.
  8. It can help you maintain good oral hygiene.
  9. Gives a soothing effect to the mind. 
  10. Decrease the risk of you developing diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Few important points to remember when you consume green tea. 

  • Don't buy decaf green tea because most of the nutrients found within the green tea get damaged during the decaffeination process. 
  • Buy good premium stuff, as it contains more of the healthy nutrients we've been talking about all along.
  • Adding lemon into your tea helps the absorption of nutrients more.
  • Directly adding green tea to boiling destroys healthy Catechins. 

I hope after reading this you will be considering incorporating green tea in your daily diet if not already.

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