The easiest way to avoid Skin damage.

 How can sunscreen prevent most of the skin damage and sunscreen benefits?

Hi to all my friends, today we will be talking about Sunscreens. About why should we use sunscreens? Who should use sunscreen? Types of sunscreens and How to use Sunscreen 

Although we men are getting better at our grooming game day by day. But If there is one product that we neglect quite a lot is Sunscreen. I know it very well as I am also guilty of it. I mean thinking of applying the Sunscreen 20minites before then reapply every 2 to 3 hours seems like a lot to even me. But trust me when I got a little better at working with the Sunscreen I have really felt many positive changes. So this is the reason I am sharing all this information is so that at least some of you will start taking it seriously.

Why should we use sunscreens?

As we all have heard many times for illness, "Prevention is better than cure" and that should be equally applicable to our skincare routine as well. But it seems to me that people are not very focused on the prevention part.

Nowadays we are using many different types of harsh comical based creams, lotions, and masks on our skin. The most popular amongst these are Fairness creams and steroid-based creams. The chemicals contained in these creams, make us sensitive to sunlight. Because of which our skin gets sunburnt easily. When we go out without protection in the sun our skin gets damaged by suns UV-A And UV-B Rays. And it then starts developing blemishes and Sunspots. That is why it is essential to protect your skin with sunscreen.

Who should use sunscreen? 

We Indians usually have a whitish brown complexion. That is why our skin is not so sensitive to sunlight, as it is with people whose skin is white or very fair. Those who are mostly home or those people who usually work inside offices and there not much of sunlight entering can take care of their skin by applying coconut oil to it, or by mixing a few drops of Caladryl lotion to their moisturizer and then applying it to their skin.

However, if your work involves roaming around outdoor which many of us do, or if you go to hill stations for the holidays or you may live in the mountains and sit out in the sun for long periods then you have to use sunscreen for sure.

Types of sunscreens. 

Sunlight contains Ultraviolet Light Rays. Ultraviolet B Rays (UVB) tends to burn and cause damage to the top layer of skin And Ultraviolet A rays (UVA), penetrate deeper into the skin and attack the underlying structure, called Collagen Tissue thereby causing damage to it. That is why you must have noticed that people who live in high altitudes, start getting papery skin by the time they are in their 40's and their face also starts developing wrinkles.

Sunscreens are of two types. The first is Physical Sunscreen, and the second is Chemical Sunscreen. Physical sunscreens prevent both UVA & UVB rays from entering the skin. These are Titanium Dioxide & Zinc Oxide - These also cause fewer allergic reactions. Chemical sunscreens only absorb UVB rays but they are unable to prevent UVA rays from entering the skin.

Now, which is the better of the two types of Sunscreens?

Naturally, physical sunscreens. But these are usually very thick and are very light, or white in color. Like you must have noticed, how cricketers put sunscreen on their faces when they field. These sunscreens are also very expensive. Especially those which are cosmetically smooth and are not very white.

Nowadays, most sunscreens have both physical, as well as chemical agents. So while purchasing a sunscreen, you must make sure it contains both physical, as well as chemical sunscreen elements Sun protection factor (SPF). Now we will talk about what SPF of sunscreen to get when we go to purchase it SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. Remember SPF 15 gives you 93% protection and SPF20 gives you about 95% protection and SPF30 gives you 97% protection.

Let us talk about SPF50 where you get 98% protection, which will cost almost double that of SPF30. SPF30 gives your skin 97% protection that means for about 1% more protection, you are paying 100% more money. One more thing I want to point out that whenever you buy sunscreens, it is safe to purchase those of a Multi-National Company.

Because pharma companies typically put in a lot of research into their products and they are by and large safe. When you buy sunscreens, please keep in mind their capacity for UVA + UVB protection.

How to use Sunscreen 

Sunscreens should be applied half an hour prior to going out into the sun SPF30 sunscreen is effective for 4-5 hours. If you stay out in the sun for longer periods, it is advisable to apply sunscreen twice daily. But again remember that it is summertime we sweet a lot due to humid weather. So it is extremely important to use waterproof Sunscreen otherwise, everything will wash off and you will not get much protection.

I'd like to say one more thing before I end this topic. If you cover your face with a cloth when going out in the sunlight and also cover your head with a hat or if you carry an umbrella, It will give you extra protection and also will save you from pollution damage.

I hope you have liked my recital. If you need more information about sunscreens or have any doubts then please put your queries in the comments below I will try my best to answer you.

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