Men's grooming essentials. Grooming Tips for Indian men.

Men's grooming essentials. Grooming Tips for Indian men.

Men's grooming essentials. Grooming Tips for Indian men.

We are gonna talk about the basic things and essentials for men’s grooming to stand out among the crowd. Men’s grooming tips that a sexy Indian a man should always follow.

Basic skincare essentials for men.

First, of all, if you really give a damn about your skin, stop using regular body soap for your face. Your face is exposed throughout the day and encounters many more challenges than your body’s skin, so it needs extra attention and care. Use a face wash which is having a good pH balance. Like Cetaphil or clean and clear.

You can step up by adding a toner after your cleansing it will really help to close thous open pores and will also save you from a lot of problems in the future.
Toner should be always alcohol-free and what are the cheapest and best toners is Rosewater. by any good rosewater which is not containing any added color preservative or fragrance.

Moisturizer and sunscreen. The reason I am putting this together is I know a lot of guys would like to skip any one of those. But both are equally important guys.
There are few sunblocks that are moisturizing as well, so you can use that only in the daytime. Your sunscreen should always be in between 30 to 50 SPF PA+++. if it is mentioned that it blocks UV-A and UV-B, both then there is nothing better than that.
But at night after you have done your cleansing and toning do use a good moisturizer.

Now, my friends, you have to give at least 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night for your skincare and grooming game. There is no shortcut to it. You have to study more if you want a good grade as simple as that.

Basic Haircare essentials for men.

The basic is an anti-dandruff shampoo a mild shampoo and conditioner. Then comes the oiling. Many of us ignore thinking that hair oils don’t help you. Please understand is that oils are like fertilizer for your scalp is like the mud your hair is like plants are the crops and these oils are all the goodness all like food all that fertilizer for your crop. Do an oil massage at least once a week which will increase blood circulation helps your hair grow till the time we have them.

Hairstyling products.
When it comes to hair styling products a few things you should always keep in mind.
Number 1 and the very important thing is hair gel is the thing of the past. A definite NO NO.
Switch to hair wax pomade and hair clay. Now you should know that there are a lot of cheap products in the market loaded with toxic chemicals like paraben and mineral oil. Don't go for those products. Try and get a little high range of products that contain more natural ingredients like bee wax instead of synthetic wax, virgin oils, and essential oil instead of mineral oil.
These things might be a little costly but then and you are not supposed to use these products on a regular basis. They should be kept for special occasions. Not more than 4 or 5 times a month, if you want to preserve your hair for a longer time.

Basic Shaving Grooming kit.

The next very important item is your shaving kit. Especially the razor. I don't really feel safe using a blade, it doesn't matter how safe the safety-razor is. I had really bad experiences with those.
So I always go for something like Gillette Mark 3. This is the best affordable and safe razor I have ever used. adjustable head gives you the perfect comfort while gliding on ups and downs. Seamless and smooth experience.

Now I personally do not use any shaving foam or shaving cream. I use my regular face wash to assist the navigation. When it comes to aftershave, always use aftershave which is having mild fragrance and which don't have any alcohol in it. Honestly saying, in this aspect our good old fitkari (alum) does a wonder. The choice is yours.

Now with that add up some more tools like a multi-purpose nail cutter. For the overall grooming point of view, clean hand and well-shaped fingernails will give you that extra edge from the guy next to you. A tweezer to get rid of that unibrow or any facial hair which is somewhere that is not supposed to be. And one small handy, trustworthy Caesar to trim out your mustache if you are keeping one or your nostril hair if you don't have a body groomer at your disposal.
Remember when someone is checking out they are checking everything about you.

Smelling good
Boy, or girl it does not matter who you are dating, nobody likes a partner who smells in the wrong way. Not only body order remember mouth order is as repellent as the body order itself.
So use a good quality deodorant which is skin-friendly or better a good perfume.
Yes, perfume it cost you a little bit more but you don't have to use it much and it will stay much longer.
Equally important is oral hygiene. Nobody wants to talk to a person who is having bad breath. People may not say that directly on your face but they will keep a distance. So make sure you brush twice a day and don't skip brushing after dinner. Occasionally use mouthwash as well. Keep mint-based chewing gum handy. If you are outside and don't feel so much fresh, especially after digging into a mail. You can win some mouth freshener.

Now for a hot and humid tropical country like India, my personal favorite recommendation will be using baby powder. Especially areas like your armpits and groin region. Which are mostly covered throughout the day and it stays moist. So chances of growing bacteria are high and that is why we get so much of rashes in those areas. Rashmi using baby powder can easily solve that problem.

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I hope you guys find it useful. This is just the overall basic idea about grooming essentials for  Indian men. I will go into details in my upcoming post so please stay tuned.

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