THE TRUTH ABOUT FAIRNESS CREAMS - The Dangers Of Fairness Creams


THE TRUTH ABOUT FAIRNESS CREAMS - The Dangers Of Fairness Creams

Yes, this is definitely a bit of a touchy subject so bear with me here. So today I am here to talk about what fairness creams claim to do, what they can actually do, and dangerous ingredients within fairness creams. And how advertisers trick you into buying their product and finally what products you can use what you can use to have the appearance of lighter and fairer skin in a safe long-term.

Why are so many people using fairness creams?
The answer is that we are not happy with the color of our skin and we think or made to think that fair/white skin is the only mark of beauty. Big companies exploit this mindset of ours by making fairness creams.

Fairness creams Toxic Marketing.
Leaving aside the harmful ingredients, what is more fake is how advertisers do that with Photoshop, with lighting all that kind of stuff. How they portray that having fair skin will give you all the advantages be it cracking a job interview or becoming a successful person in any field. Which is extremely racist and derogatory as well.

The adverts I've seen for fairness creams they're so ridiculous. It's like if you have darker skin, it looks ironic like it is so terrible, and lighter skin is connected to a higher social status. Pushing on this kind of insecurity within that culture in order to sell fairness creams.
They also claim that they can change your skin tone by about five shades which is absolutely ridiculous. And like they're they shouldn't be allowed this kind of advertising should actually be illegal.

So let's see what fairness creams actually do scientifically or pharmaceutically.
I guess what they can actually do like moisturize the skin. Which kind of gives you a glow anyway. They can reduce dark spots and pigmentation temporarily. Also, they can exfoliate the skin as well so what that can do is exfoliate your top layer or tan skin and exfoliate away dead and dull skin as well, giving the appearance of lighter and fairer skin.

Fairness Creams Side effects
But these companies, which are trying their best to make you self-conscious of your darker skin, do not tell you the dangers of using fairness creams regularly.
Do these companies tell you that it is harmful to use fairness creams during the daytime/in sunlight? Because sunlight can cause your skin to burn, due to the chemicals contained in these creams.
The companies don't tell you that if you stop applying these creams, it is possible for the skin to become even darker than it was before.

The biggest point is that when you start using these fairness creams the skin begins looking fair and smooth for the first few days after use but after 6 months, to 1 year of usage of these fairness creams.
The side effects of the chemicals contained in these creams begin to show on your skin.

But remember this is all fairness creams effects are temporary, meaning that you do have to use this on a daily basis and some of you may think well that's fine they work but what's the problem with using them on a day-to-day basis as part of your skincare routine?
The problem is the extremely harmful ingredients that are in the fairness creams. Even though the ingredients I'm about to tell you are tiny amounts within the fairness cream because fairness creams are only temporary you have to use fairness creams pretty much every single day using a tiny amount of these ingredients every single day leads to a huge amount of these ingredients within your skin within your body.

That is why using such creams for fairness is not only wrong but highly dangerous. Using these fairness creams for a long duration causes hair growth on the face and causes the skin to become thin or they can cause rashes and bumps on the face, and also cause black and white patches to appear on the skin.

After long term application of these creams, the medicines contained in them find their way into the bloodstream, through the skin. Long-term usage of these creams can cause hormone imbalance in people.

Dangerous ingredients present in fairness creams.
Hydroquinone: Actually it makes your skin more susceptible to sun damage so making dark spots a lot darker, making your skin a lot more uneven and also increasing the risk of skin cancer. You need to be using a huge like a high factor SPF if you're Hydroquinone based creams because this ingredient pretty much opens the skin to all sorts of sun damage and all the skin darkening. This is the exact opposite of what you want from a fairness cream.

Chromium: And this again temporarily lightens the skin but long-term uses will dry out and inflamed the skin which leads to scarring darker skin, dry itchy skin. It darkens your skin as well as spots and blemishes again, something that you're trying to fight against.

Lead: I can't actually believe but there are some fairness creams I have known which even contain lead. In many developed countries, buildings are shut down because there is lead in the paint. And lead in skincare is simply poison. Lead touching your face or ingested is poisonous extremely highly toxic and poisonous.

Mercury: So yes mercury can lighten your skin, again very temporarily. Mercury can make your skin extremely dry leading to darker skin. And prolonged use so this can also lead to brain damage if you're using mercury on your face every single day for most of your life, this can lead to brain damage. So as I mentioned there are small amounts of this stuff in the skin care cream to the point where that actually allowed to sell it but remember these creams are temporary.

Every single fairness cream lightening whitening cream on the market can only give you temporary results. Meaning you do have to use these products every single day to see any kind of long-term result. So if you are using these on a daily basis it's very highly likely that anything I mentioned previously just then is gonna affect you sometime in your lifetime.

Nowadays, the creams which people are buying after getting advice online and using them without proper consultation with a doctor contain Steroids, Hydroquinone, and Retino A. And these are definitely not fairness creams. The creams which contain any of these 3 mentioned compounds, are Medicines, which are used for the treatment of a skin condition called MELASMA. Using them as fairness cream is again dangerous.

These creams should be ONLY applied at night. Meaning that you should use these creams as "Night Creams"

So let's talk about actually lightening your skin.
Now I'm not going to talk about temporary fixes I'm going to talk about long-term fixes. As we mentioned, no skincare can change the color of your skin, but what we can do is remove tan. We can make your skin look a lot more even and make the skin look a lot brighter.

Vitamin C
So key ingredient you should be looking for especially when it comes to things like serums and moisturizers Sun creams overnight creams is vitamin C. vitamin C reduces the production of melanin, so that's obviously what changes the color of your skin tans, helping your skin look a lot lighter and a lot fairer as well.

Rice and pearl are also very key ingredients and evening out your skin tone making skin look a lot brighter lot more radiant. So things like rice space mask pearl face masks and rice scrub exfoliators bright space washes as well are very good in the long term evening out your skin tone.

Derma rolling is another thing you can do if you have uneven skin tone dark spots dark pigmentation. Guys with darker skin mixed-race people if you have darker skin your skin's natural reaction to damaged skin is to produce a lot of melanin and that's why we usually get darker spots. So derma rolling is very very good for you guys.

Safe ingredients for Fairness Creams.
Now, if you want to get rid of marks and blemishes from your skin and if you want your skin to become soft and light-colored then there are some safe ingredients to use.
Things like Kojic Acid, Azelaic Acid, Vitamin C, Arbutin, Liquorice & Nicotinic Acid. These compounds help to make the skin fair and smooth.

Some creams here are great for lightening your skin color.

CLEARZ cream from Dr. Reddy's

KOJIVIT gel, by Microgarcia Company

VC5 or VC15 Vita C Serum, by Cipla Company

PRORAC Cream by Premier Pharma

AZIDERM Cream, by Micro Labs

KOJIGLOW Forte, by Alkem Company

DEMELAN Cream by Gracewell/Glenmark Company


All these creams are available at the chemist shop, or even online you can check out the products by clicking on the links.

You can buy any one of these creams, which suit your skin, as well as your pocket. Apply the cream at night before sleeping and in the morning, wash your face with a gentle face wash, and then apply a suitable moisturizer according to your skin type.
If your skin is dry then first apply a good moisturizer or pure coconut oil and then apply these creams on top. If your skin is oily, then wash your face using a gentle face wash and then apply these creams. People with normal, or combination skin can simply wash their face with water before applying these creams.

In my personal opinion, once you get a good result after 1-2 months of usage you should use natural moisturizers like Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Sunflower Oil, or Olive oil, during the day and at night, to keep your face moisturized.
And you should also use natural masks, such as Honey-Lemon Juice Mask or fresh cucumber mask or Raw Potato mask, these masks should be applied twice a week.

Using products that are gonna help you long term and just make you look radiant makes you look brighter and lighter and make you feel better about your skin tone.

Disclaimer I am not a dermatologist or cosmetic specialist.  I am just sharing my point of view from my experience of using different products as well as researching different products and skincare ingredients. It is best to consult your doctor before starting any ingredient for long term use.

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