Vegetarianism vs Non-vegetarianism

Vegetarianism vs Non-vegetarianism, which is better for you!

Vegetarianism vs Non-vegetarianism, which is better for you!

In the nutrition and fitness world, there is no debate as fierce as this one, vegetarianism vs non-vegetarianism. Which one is better is a never-ending argument its seams, due to new studies coming up with different results every other day.

In present times 71% of the Indians being nonvegetarians and only about 28% of the people being vegetarians. When in the 19th century the numbers used to be just the opposite. Such a huge paradigm shift! India is still the country with the most vegetarians in the world but what could be the reason for such a sudden change? Is it Western influence or is it backed by science let us find out.

And there are less than 1% vegans in India who completely abstained from animal-based products like egg, milk products, and even honey. The rise of veganism is probably due to the reports that have come in for the torture of animals and adulteration in milk.

According to modern science eggs, chicken, mutton, and other meat sources are extremely important. But the Biggest point that vegetarians argue about different studies regarding the ill effects of meat-eating. As there are numerous studies that point out that processed meat is harmful to health. Then there are other reports, pointing out that red meat is cancer-causing while the white meat is healthy. Some studies are against this as well some latest reports have even suggested that meat in any form reduces longevity and increases the risk of cancer and heart diseases.

Dr. T Colin Campbell an American biochemist who published his famous China study book in 2005 examined the link between animal products including milk and dairy for 20 years. He concluded that a plant-based wholesome diet is the best. Dr. Campbell pressed that protein derived from animal products including dairy is cancer-causing.

Modern science viewpoint keeps on changing, however, the general view is that lean white meat is safe and rich in protein and other vitamins.

They argue that Mother Nature has not designed human beings to eat meat physiologically our teeth resemble more like herbivorous animals. Our digestive tract is also longer in tune with the leaf-eating animals. As meat gets rotten quickly perhaps that is why carnivorous animals have shorter intestines. Which don’t really convince a lot of people to be very honest.

Another argument based on the moral judgment is that we should eat consciously creating the least amount of violence for optimum physical and mental health, non-veg food should be abstained from however the choice rests on the person.

One thing you must know is that that if you want to achieve the highest level of mental clarity and physical health be vegetarian, and if you think being vegetarian will hinder your fitness goals, then I must tell you that there are so many examples to show that the best of the physical body can also be achieved living on a vegetarian diet.

In India, the perception is nonveg is unhealthy food because of myths like protein is bad for your kidneys and is bad for the health. As India is a country it's focused on the carbohydrates it's always roti or rice and then the vegetables and dal. Maybe occasionally once a week its non-veg in those meals. And to tell you the fact that is not a correct approach.

Whereas if you see other countries it is mostly a protein oriented diet. Like grilled fish or meat or something like that in the main course and next to it vegetables and a bit of carb.

The fact is a normal human being okay without any physical activity needs about 0.8 to 1.2 grams per kg of bodyweight. So if you are a 70-kilo person you need about say around 70 grams of protein. Remember the only time protein can actually cause some problems in your body, is if most of the time you're dehydrated. When you consume a good amount of water what happens is all that excess uric acid from the protein is flushed off in your urine.

But then If you don’t drink much water, then your body can’t produce much urine. Then all that uric acid is collect in your body and give you gout and kidney stones and things like that.
So a combination of high protein and being hydrated is how simple things should be. The biggest advantage of non-veg over vegetarian food is that it's an animal protein is a complete protein, and plant proteins are incomplete proteins. That is why to get the same effect from plant proteins, you need to consume a variety of plant proteins.

The best way to get complete protein is from animals as it has all 9 essential amino acids. The other advantages animal protein gives you iron which helps with the production of hemoglobin. Which in turn helps with the overall functioning of your muscles of your brain everything in your body.
Seafood especially fish gives you omega3 fatty acids that help with the nervous system, your hair, and the quality of your skin. Finally, non-veg gives you vitamin b12 which isn't present in any plant source. The b12 helps in preventing anemia, improve your nervous system, and the overall functioning of your body these are just a few of the advantages of having a non-vegetarian diet.

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So the objective for this vegetarianism vs nonvegetarianism post was to give you a complete analysis so that you can choose the best diet for you according to your own personal needs and goal. I hope this was helpful if you wish please leave your valuable thought in the comment section below. You can leave any suggestions for any other topic that you want me to write about. Till then have fun.

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